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Liz’s Maternity Session

This session was done over Thanksgiving (2013). Liz was my next door neighbor growing up and we have remained friends since we were about 3 years old (28 years if you want to get specific). She was pregnant with her second daughter at the time. She looked amazing! (I know she didn’t feel it, but she really looked great. You can see for yourself). Big sister Emma was really cute too. I’ve also been taking pictures of Emma since she was about 2 months old. So clearly, I cannot wait to meet new baby Charlotte and take her pictures too!11family-331family-411family-401family-391family-381family-151family-131family-111family-71family-61family-51family-4

Ryan turns 1

Ryan turned 1 year old on October 21. Everybody always says it, but I just can’t believe how fast the year went. I really thought there was going to be some miracle and that time was going to go slow so he would be a baby for longer. I so enjoyed taking his monthly pictures and I was a little sad that this was ending. I’m so glad I did it though because I was able to make these two awesome first birthday presents.  One with his monthly stickers and one with a favorite portrait picture from each month. I’m pretty sure my sister was happy with it.

I’m thankful that I did this because it made me a better photographer. Throughout the year, I was forced to take out my camera and work every month. I realized what I needed to work on and I think my photography improved greatly.

Lauren and Jon’s Wedding

My roommate all 4 years at the University of Delaware got married October 2012. It was such a pleasure being a part of the wedding. I took these pictures at her dad’s house in Maryland when we were getting ready.

I’m writing this post 1.5 years later because she is now pregnant with their first baby. I can’t wait to take her maternity pictures in a few weeks!



Maternity Session

Facebook is a wonderful for keeping in touch with friends and family. Its also great for promoting my photography work. Before I figured out how to get this website up and running, it was all I had to use. Luckily it worked pretty well for me.  Arielle and I went to grad school together, she contacted me through facebook just after she found out she was having a baby GIRL.  I was so excited when she asked to do a before/after maternity/newborn session.  I love maternity sessions because I enjoy giving mom a chance to feel beautiful and I enjoy feeling the love and excitement of expectant parents.   Here is a preview of the album until baby arrives! I can’t wait to meet her!